Monday, 4 April 2016

Seize the day: Why traveling makes your life better

Chances are you’ve had the following conversation:

Mate: “Oh my god, we SO have to go to ‘Random European adventure/reasonably priced short hall destination’
You: -“Absolutely! You know, I saw you can fly there for 12 quid/I have loads of airmiles that I need to use!’
Mate: -*gasp* “Why don’t we go next weekend?”
You: -*gasp* “I will absolutely go with you next weekend!”

Sure, you might both whip your phones out at the same time, letting your thumbs dance in their search for the best cultural experiences in Barcelona, luxurious spas in Dubai or the prettiest Airbnbs in Rome. But when you come to say ‘Tata’ and Monday rolls around, all your travel plans get pushed back, forgotten or you just get that ‘Meh, can’t be bothered’ feeling. It’s not intentional, but like so many things life gets in the way. Time rolls on, and before you know it you’re saying: “How the hell is it April? This year is going SO fast.”

And time does go fast. Maybe that’s the darker lining to having a well oiled weekly routine. 2016 is the year where I promised myself that routine would frequently be broken. And after visiting The Travel Hack and reading about their 12 trips challenge, I made it my goal to visit somewhere I haven’t been before every month.

My travel style is part fake local, part super tourist. I try to find the thin line between following a self-made itinerary to just letting things happen without feeling like I’ve missed out on something important. So an added part of my challenge is to chill the hell out a bit pre, and during,  each holiday. I have to put away the Von Trap whistle and learn to exist in a new place even if the coffee bar around the corner had a much better write up on Trip Advisor.

Three months in, and I’ve been to three places that I’ve never been before - one in England, one in Scotland and another in the Middle East. Where will I go in April? Who the hell knows, but I’m up for it. Think it’s a waste of hard earned cash? Below are just a few reasons of how traveling makes your life better:
  • Get out of your comfort zone- My best travel moments have been when I’ve done something that has scared to kale out of me (Kale? Why not). My first solo excursion in a foreign country happened at a time where doing something by myself would usually break me out in a sweat. It was a point in my life where I really, really needed to start getting to know myself- hell, even LIKE myself.
    To this day I still highlight the very moment where I sat down with the Grand Canyon in front of me as the time when I started to change for the better. Even typing that sounds cliche- but thinking about the memory made me smile. I want that for everyone. By getting out of your comfort zone confidence will be built. Horizons will be expanded. Balls will be grown. I am yet to travel totally solo- I hope to do it in 2016.
  • Remind yourself that the world more than your corner of it- the world is fricking big, my friend. Something I am always reminded of when I travel. Honestly, EVERY TIME. We may meet people who we initially feel are so different to us, but with closer inspection (or conversation- hold the magnifying glass) you’re reminded that we ‘peoples’ aren’t actually so different after all. It’s a humbling experience. 
  • Break the routine- Routines are great. They help us stay on top of things. They help us reach goals.  But they can also provide us with mirror days where one day is the same as the next. Not being able to decipher one Tuesday to the next, or just living for weekend is no way to be. Travelling forces us out of that routine- or at least make a new one. This slows us down and can remind us that we don’t need to have a constant to do list. 
  • Education, Education, Education - Is there a better education that one you get while travelling? I love being on tours and listening to commented about history, cultures and art. You know, that moment you tilt your head to the side and start to drool with pleasure as your brain matter is massaged with delightful new information? Amazing. Eating different foods. Meeting new people. Changing your perspectives not just on the world but also yourself. It’s one thing to read about it in a book- it’s quite another to feel it under foot, breathe it in and see with your own eyes. 
  • Experiences vs Things- This video explains the point beautifully.Final note: please do not let the idea of cost stop you from exploring the world. 

Now fly my pretties…fly!! 



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