Thursday, 2 October 2014

We've all got to start somewhere...

The reason behind this whole blog thing was down to a few things...

One: I’m a writer, but I never seem to write enough. 

Two: I have this inexplicable thirst to talk about things I’m into which is never quenched. 

And lastly: Why the hell not. 

The ‘Why the hell not’ aspect is the biggest point. Maybe even words to live by. 

Why the hell not make a positive change to your eating habits? Your lifestyle? Your ways of thinking? 

Events in my life made me review how I was living; my attitude, what I was putting in my body and my mind. It was time to change. And it was time to do something productive....and so cue blog.

I’m Australian but have been living in the UK for the bigger portion of my life. So some days when I’m enjoying fine tea, perfect autumn weather and everything that London has to offer I feel delightfully British. But other times when I’m craving the beach, the heat of the southern sun and ripe avocados, I’m Aussie through and through. 

Now, in Australia, you can’t walk down the street without running into a juice bar and getting smacked in the face with a beautifully ripe avocado. Despite being in the top five obese countries in the world, whenever I’m visiting I get the vibe that a lot of Australia is very dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Whenever I’m there I am in heaven with raw food restaurants, beautiful organic produce, juice bars and avocado on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Even at McDonalds (And here is the only time I will mention the M D wordprobably). I leave feeling rested, rejuvenated and perfectly positive. 

But then I get back to the UK. The UK, or especially East Anglia where I live, doesn’t play ball when it comes to healthy living. Juice bars? Meh. Raw food? Not outside of London, bub. A decent vegetarian menu that doesn't involve some kind of risotto or pasta dish? You must be joking. So I find it hard to stick in that Sydney state of mind where I want to stay happy and healthy giving the best to my body and mind. 

Motivation. This blog is going to motivate me to sticking with healthy was of living, eating and being. If it motivates other people, well, that would be amazing. Plus I have the belief that the more we connect, the better the journey will be.   

The obligatory disclaimer: I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian, I’m not a cook, I’m not any kind of health professional. I am, however, a wannabe pseudo-hippy living in a country that denies me good coconut water and a bloody ripe avocado. And this space, dear internet friend, is where I will pour out my soul/musings/adventures in trying to live with that Aussie state of mind while enjoying all that East Anglia has to offer. 

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